Ohio State Marching Band GoPro Experience

Dunson Drums

Dunson Drums

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This is a video of me marching in the I-6 position with The Ohio State University Marching Band on October 6th, 2018 against Indiana University. Since I am assistant squad leader, I normally lead out the band in the I-1 position. However, this time the head squad leader and I decided to switch positions. This is a true representation of what it is like to be on the field for the ramp entrance, and the incomparable Script Ohio. A special thank you to Emily Dean and the Big Ten Network for allowing me to use their GoPro! For more information about The Ohio State University Marching band, visit tbdbitl.osu.edu. For more information about The Ohio State University Drum Line (JI Row), visit u.osu.edu/ohiostatedrumline.

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Ohio State Marching Band GoPro Experience
Ohio State Marching Band GoPro Experience
Ohio State Marching Band GoPro Experience
Ohio State Marching Band GoPro Experience
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2023-12-06 22:30:26

at my high school the cheerleaders make fun of the marching band

at ohio state, the cheerleaders keep their mouths shut

2023-10-31 02:03:41

qPbjJafRUFk&t=0m15s 0:15 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=1m10s 1:10 ji ROW chat
qPbjJafRUFk&t=1m11s 1:11 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=4m22s 4:22 Ramp Entrance
qPbjJafRUFk&t=4m23s 4:23 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=5m40s 5:40 Buckeye Battle cry
qPbjJafRUFk&t=5m41s 5:41 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=6m32s 6:32 Indiana our Indiana
qPbjJafRUFk&t=6m33s 6:33 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=7m30s 7:30 I wanna go back to
qPbjJafRUFk&t=7m45s 7:45 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=9m20s 9:20 chimes and Carmen
qPbjJafRUFk&t=9m25s 9:25 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=9m48s 9:48 across the field 1st
qPbjJafRUFk&t=9m49s 9:49 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=13m45s 13:45 Scripts Ohio
qPbjJafRUFk&t=13m46s 13:46 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=15m03s 15:03 across the fields 2
qPbjJafRUFk&t=16m00s 16:00 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=16m55s 16:55 across the field 3rd
qPbjJafRUFk&t=17m11s 17:11 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=18m19s 18:19 national anthem
qPbjJafRUFk&t=18m27s 18:27 - qPbjJafRUFk&t=20m10s 20:10 of the field (end of )

2023-10-28 23:10:17


2023-10-28 23:07:57


2023-10-27 23:15:08

I don’t usually go to football games….but when I do, I go to an Ohio State game😊

2023-10-24 03:51:30

What is the purpose of the red pad on the right shoulder?^^
It's so cute, like a 19th century Salvation Army outfit.♡♡♡

2023-10-02 19:45:44

they look like a certain german party

2023-09-29 01:26:50

Bro got the perfect voice crack 😂😂

2023-09-28 12:15:58


2023-09-28 01:56:02

only in ohio

2023-09-27 09:29:59

That chant definitely from Ohio

2023-09-24 03:21:04

qPbjJafRUFk&t=5m42s 5:42 where’s bro in red sprinting so fast respect for this dude 💯

2023-09-22 16:59:45

the band is amazing, and the camera guy is a really good drummer!!!

2023-09-20 02:38:33

this is my dream

2023-09-20 02:17:01

My guy with the trumbone's sensitivity must've been high at qPbjJafRUFk&t=9m45s 9:45

2023-09-18 20:39:52

what do they yell at the beginning before the dumline come out?

2023-09-17 20:05:33

😮 im speechless at the start

2023-09-16 17:04:14

*Vietnam flashbacks"

2023-09-16 02:58:50

Oa,how has 😂 and me at amu

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