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35mm SLR Camera BASICS


There are tons of great 35mm SLR camera's out there for you to use when shooting on the format. Let's look at the basics of an SLR by using my own Canon AT-1 and learn more about them! - - - SUPPORT ANALOG RESURGENCE - - - 🤍 - - - For New Analog Content Every Week - - - SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL 🔔 ➡️ 🤍 - - - Follow Me on Instagram & Twitter - - - 🤍 🤍

My Favorite 35mm Film SLR's (of all time)


Today we talk about my favorite 35mm SLR cameras and share some tips for beginner film shooters who are just getting into the game. These are some of the BEST 35mm film cameras ever made in my opinion and all are incredibly capable of making quality images. Enjoy! Follow me on instagram 🤍KingJvpes My favorite Film Stocks: KODAK COLOR PLUS - 🤍 PORTRA 160 - 🤍 KODAK GOLD 200 - 🤍 PORTRA 400 - 🤍 LOMO 400 - 🤍 FUJI SUPERIA 400 - 🤍 ILFORD HP5 - 🤍 CINESTILL 800T - 🤍 TMAX P3200 - 🤍 DELTA 3200🤍 MY EDITING RIG: My computer - 🤍 Editing mouse - 🤍 Clicky Mechanical Keyboard - 🤍 4k Monitor - 🤍 SSD (for editing) - 🤍 Landscape Essentials: ND Filter/step down rings (The one I use) - 🤍 Shutter Release Cable - 🤍 My favorite Landscape Film - 🤍 The Darkroom Lab - 🤍 (Amazon affiliate links - Any purchase made through these links will give me a small amount) - FOLLOW Me on instagram! Instagram : 🤍Kingjvpes Twitter: 🤍Kingjvpes

Top 10 35mm Film SLR Cameras for 2022


Read the text version, with more details & alternatives, here: 🤍 We go over the top 10 most searched 35mm film SLR cameras, as determined by YOU (and search engine data that you may or may not have participated in). Time Codes 00:00 - Intro 00:15 - No. 1 - Canon AE-1 01:50 - No. 2 - Nikon F3 04:13 - No. 3 - Nikon FM2 06:37 - No. 4 - Pentax K1000 08:56 - No. 5 - Canon A-1 11:20 - No. 6 - Nikon F 14:26 - No. 7 - Nikon F2 17:33 - No. 8 - Nikon FE2 22:51 - No. 9 - Olympus OM-1 26:04 - No. 10 - Canon FTb Shop over 7000 items at Kamerastore: 🤍 Buy, Sell, & Trade used film & digital camera gear at Kamerastore. Dozens of newly listed items daily. Our camera gear is always professionally tested and checked before reaching our online shop. Most items are in our showroom in Tampere, Finland. We ship worldwide - items arrive in your country 2 to 4 days after ordering, and even faster within the EU.

Rangefinder vs SLR - Which one is BETTER?


Rangefinder vs SLR 35mm film camera, which one is better? Today we will be taking a look at two different types of 35mm film cameras and even though they do the same thing they both provide two completely different shooting experiences. One feels more bare bones and the other may be good for people who prefer automation. Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Subscribe if you haven't already 50k giveaway is coming up! Follow me on instagram! 🤍Kingjvpes Equipment Used: Leica M2 Nikon f3 - Favorite Photo books: Richard Kalvar - 🤍 Italians Italianer - 🤍 Howard Greenburg Collection - 🤍 Magnum Magnum - 🤍 Vivian Maier - 🤍 The man In the crowd Garry Winogrand - 🤍 The Decisive Moment Henri Cartier Bresson - 🤍 (Amazon affiliate links - Any purchase made through these links will give me a small amount) Brevite Backpack - 🤍 (DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link, each purchase through this link will give me a commission.) - FOLLOW Me on instagram! Instagram : 🤍Kingjvpes Twitter: 🤍Kingjvpes Filming Equipment used: Sony A7II Manfrotto tripod How to buy film camera. First time buying 35mm film, how to buy cheap cameras, 35mm Film buying guide, Film,story,first time,shooting,35mm film,develop,film is not dead, minolta,short film,vintage,darkroom,fujifilm,cannon,x-700,htsi plus,how to shoot film, kingjvpes, minolta SRt101, portra 400, Berkeley, Cal, Norcal.San Francisco, golden gate bridge, point reyes, 28mm, olympus XA, Canon autoboy, canon af35m, expired film, cheap film, best cheap film, how to shoot a film camera with a broken light meter, broken light meter, broken meter, how to light meter, agfa vista 400, tomography color 100, canon eos 3, 85mm 1.8, film camera giveaway, best films, best 35mm film, top 5 35mm film, $3 film camera, $3 Leica, Cheap leica, Free Leica, Leica, yashica mat, yashica 124, yashica mat 124, expired tri-x, Nikon f3, Canon A-1, Minolta x-700, Seattle, black and white, money, sharp, groot, street, how to develop color film, how develop black and white film, street photography tips, how to street photography, how to take photos, beginner film photography, film photography for beginners, tips for film photography, how to film photography, beginner film photography tips, free film camera, how to thrift, make money photography, thrift adventures, thrift store shopping, landscape photography on film, cheap film camera, expensive film camera, lomography, cheap vs expensive, nikon f3 vs, film haul, film camera haul, film making, how to take product shots, product shots, photography workshop, street photography workshop, how to improve photography, why you're photography is not improving, motivational, Street Photography inspiration, Leica rangefinder, creative filters, creative filter portrait, nikon 35ti, compact film camera, Photo books, Street photobooks, street photography photo books, overcome creative ruts.

Contax 139Q Review | A Compact Zeiss Equipped 35mm SLR


Head to 🤍 to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code: kylemcdougall In this video, I’m heading out with the Contax 139Q and a selection of Zeiss lenses to shoot my first few rolls of film with this super-compact 35mm film camera and talk about my first impressions. It’s been a few years since I’ve owned a 35mm SLR, and I wanted to pick one back up to do some casual shooting. I’m a big Contax fan and have owned a couple of their cameras in the past, and I quickly fell in love with this one as well. ►GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: Contax 139Q: 🤍 Contax Zeiss 45mm 2.8: 🤍 Contax Zeiss 35mm 2.8: 🤍 Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.7: 🤍 Compagnon Element Backpack: 🤍 My '35mm Film Photography Course' on Skillshare (FREE with this link): 🤍 Videos on this channel are filmed using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K: 🤍 And the Fuji X-T4: 🤍 My go-to for music (FREE Trial with this link): 🤍 ►FILM PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: My go-to medium format camera: 🤍 My FAVOURITE medium format lens: 🤍 My favourite 35mm film camera: 🤍 My favourite 35mm film lens: 🤍 The BEST medium format travel camera: 🤍 The film scanner that I use for my work: 🤍 Best entry-level film scanner: 🤍 The film camera that started it all for me: 🤍 My go-to light meter: 🤍 My favourite film stock: 🤍 My favourite 645 medium format film camera: 🤍 ►ESSENTIAL PHOTO & VIDEO ACCESSORIES Awesome Grovemade Desk Accessories: 🤍 FAVOURITE backpack for film photography gear: 🤍 BenQ Monitor Light: 🤍 Awesome strap for large cameras: 🤍 Rope style strap for smaller cameras (cheap but great!): 🤍 Camera I use to film my videos: 🤍 Camera that I use for vlogging: 🤍 The gear I use for YouTube: 🤍 My favourite film cameras: 🤍 Essential film photography accessories: 🤍 →Instagram: 🤍 →Website: 🤍 →Podcast: 🤍 .................................. DISCLAIMER Some of the links above are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. The money I earn helps me make this type of content consistently.

Understanding a 35MM SLR LIGHT METER


The light meter in your 35mm SLR is a very useful tool and knowing how to use it will help you to up your photo game when shooting manually! Let's look at an example of a built in light meter on a Canon AT-1 and understand when you should trust it and when you should use your own judgement in order to nail those exposures! - - - SUPPORT ANALOG RESURGENCE - - - 🤍 - - - For New Analog Content Every Week - - - SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL 🔔 ➡️ 🤍 - - - Follow Me on Instagram & Twitter - - - 🤍 🤍

A Review Of The Canon EF "Black Beauty" 35mm SLR


Brian reviews the Canon EF 35mm SLR. A relatively rare camera. The 1st and last to use a Copal Square Focal Plane shutter. It is also one of the 1st cameras to use auto-exposure (shutter priority)

Best Value 35mm SLR Film Camera?!


FPP's Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and John Fedele are joined by The Darkroom's Trev Lee ( 🤍 ) to discuss the BEST VALUE 35mm film camera - the Canon EOS line.

How to load a 35mm camera (SLR)


A short and simple tutorial how to load a 35mm SLR- Camera. This applies to the older generation of cameras with a rewind knob. Stop at particular sections to see film positions etc. Take your time and practice. And you will shortly will be the super pro of loading a 35mm! Shot with a Nikon D7000 . FIlm camera shown in the video is the Nikon F3. 🤍kobe-photography.com 🤍1kobe1.blogspot.com Thank you for watching!

The BEST 35mm Film Cameras to Buy in 2022 | Canon EOS SLR's


What are the best 35mm film cameras out there in 2022? Canon has been making EOS cameras with the EF lens mount since 1987, and for the first 15 years of that history, those cameras were 35mm film cameras - that work just like the modern 5D and 1D cameras, with the same lenses and all. In 2019 I bought myself an EOS 3000 and haven't looked back since, it instantaneously became my favourite film camera - and in this video, I wanted to highlight that. Buy EOS Cameras! They're brilliant. L series lenses - on film! If you're not bored of me yet and want to see more of me and my life in between my uploads, check out my Instagram: 🤍 Thank you for watching, make sure to subscribe (if you enjoyed it) so you can see all my latest uploads. And hit that notification bell! #CanonFilmPhotography #CanonEOS3000 #DaniloAllen #FilmPhotography © Comet Brace 2021

How to Use a Canon AE-1 35mm SLR Film Camera


Click on 'Show More' for Timestamps, Related Videos, and Equipment Links Below! Cameras and Lenses - Canon AE-1 Film Camera: 🤍 Canon AE-1 Program Film Camera: 🤍 Canon FD Mount Lenses for the AE-1: 🤍 Battery and Film - Varta V28PX Battery: 🤍 35mm Film: 🤍 Ilford HP5 35mm B&W Film: 🤍 Kodak Tri-X 35mm B&W Film: 🤍 Kodak Portra 400 35mm Color Film: 🤍 Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm Color Film: 🤍 Fujifilm Superia 400 35mm Color Film: 🤍 35mm Film Negative Storage Sleeves: 🤍 Camera Accessories - Film Camera Release Cable: 🤍 Canon AE-1 Leather Cover: 🤍 Camera Cleaning Kit: 🤍 Peak Design Camera Strap (What I Personally Use!): 🤍 Leather Camera Strap: 🤍 Triangle D-Rings for Camera Straps: 🤍 Camera Shoulder Bag: 🤍 Light Tight Film Changing Bag: 🤍 Kodak Smartphone Film Scanner: 🤍 More Film Photography Videos: = Learn Film Photography Playlist: 🤍 How to Load & Unload 35mm Film: 🤍 How to Load & Unload 35mm Film (2020 Edition): 🤍 How to Retrieve Film Out of it's Canister: 🤍 How to Take a Double Exposure on Film: 🤍 Getting Started in Film Photography: 🤍 How to Develop Black & White Film at Home: 🤍 How to Shoot a Photo in Manual Mode: 🤍 How to Use a Pentax K-1000 35mm SLR Film Camera: 🤍 How to Use a Nikon F3 SLR 35mm Film Camera: 🤍 How to use a Nishika N8000 3D Film Camera: 🤍 How to Use a Olympus XA 35mm Pocket Film Camera: 🤍 How to Use a Fuji GA645 Zi Medium Format Film Camera: 🤍 How Your D/SLR Camera Works: 🤍 How to Clean a Camera Lens: 🤍 Film Camera Playlist: 🤍 Intro - 0:00 Install the V28PX Battery - 0:17 Loading 35mm Film - 1:43 Setting the ISO/ASA - 2:27 Changing Shutter Speed & Aperture - 3:06 The Light Meter - 4:23 Focusing the Lens - 6:04 Depth of Field Preview Button - 6:24 Back-light Compensation - 8:27 Shutter Button Operation - 9:38 Advancing the Film - 10:56 Changing The Canon FD Mount Lens - 11:36 Flash PC Sync Port - 12:31 Unloading 35mm Film - 12:51 The Canon AE-1 is one of the most popular film SLR cameras ever made. Here I show you how to use this 35mm SLR film camera. Most of this video also applies to the Canon AE-1 Program. The main difference between the Canon AE-1 and the Canon AE-1 Program is that the Program version has a fully automatic mode in which the camera can choose both the shutter speed and aperture on it's own. camera, canon, 35mm film, photography, film, canon ae 1, canon ae-1, ae 1, slr, film camera, single-lens reflex camera, photographic film, film photography, film for beginners, 35mm film, kodak, ilford, fuji, fujifilm, intro to film, intro to film photography, how to film, introduction to photography, introduction to film photography, darkroom, single lens reflex, most popular film camera, ae1, 35mm, starting in film NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. Viewers are NOT obligated to use these links! If you do purchase any items through these links than a million Thank Yous for your support of this channel! You allow me to continue making content!

Loading and Rewinding a 35mm Film Camera (Manual SLR) Beginners Guide


In this video, I go through how to load and rewind the film in a 35mm SLR camera. This video is for people who might be just getting started in film photography, or maybe even beginners who are looking for how to load and rewind their first film camera. The camera used in this example is a Nikon F3, which advances and rewinds the film manually. Some SLR film cameras will automatically start or rewind the film for you, but the loading process involved will most likely be similar to what is shown here. I hope this is helpful! :) - Ways to support the channel if you choose to: * 1. Sharing the video (IT’S FREE!) * 2. Affiliate Links (Amazon) 35mm Cartridge Opener Tool: 🤍 Fuji Superia Color Film (35mm, 3 Rolls) - 🤍 Tmax 400 Black and White Film (35mm, 2 Rolls) - 🤍 Kodak F9 Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera - 🤍 Iford Sprite 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera - 🤍 Cinestill Color Film Home Develop Chemicals - 🤍 Patterson Develop Tanks - 🤍 - FIMF Links: Website- 🤍 Instagram- 🤍 Facebook- 🤍 - Hi there. I'm Chris. Film is more fun is a place where I share about whatever busted up old camera I'm currently shooting and tinkering with, or my meanderings in film photography. It would be pretty rad if you said what's up. I'm 99% friendly. Definitely do that. Disclaimer: If you want technical proficiency go watch 'The Art of Photography' (love that show). These videos are more like an elderly person navigating a tv clicker. - Tags: 35mm, film camera, load, fuji, 200, analog, flash, camera, F3, nikon, Ilford, fuji, film, kodak, multipleexposure, doubleexposure, tmax, kodak, delta, filmismorefun, develop, selfdevelop, photography, analog, darkroom, olympus, pentax, minolta, canon, 35mm, portra, superia, fujifilm, diy, lomo, lens

Best Film Cameras to Buy in 2022


Build a beautiful website to showcase your photography - film or otherwise – and save 10% when you use our link: 🤍 In this video, we break down solid options for point-and-shoots, 35mm SLRs, and medium format cameras in 3 different budget ranges. Let us know your favorites in the comments below! Photo contributions from: Nick Spruck | 🤍 Sam Elkins | 🤍 Kerrenton Snow | 🤍 🚨 Have you checked out our new Youtube channels?? 🚨 ✪ Rachel's: 🤍 ✪ Daniel's: 🤍 Music from the video: ► 🤍 Listen to Daniel's music on Spotify: 🤍 OUR LATEST LIGHTROOM PRESETS: 🤍 OUR NEW LUTS 🤍 OUR CLASSIC COLLECTION PRESETS 🤍 ➠➠The gear we use: 🤍amazon.com/shop/mangostreet FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ► 🤍 Get yourself some Mango Merch: 🤍 Our Kit: 🤍 Our gear: Our Camera Body: 🤍 Our Favorite Lens: 🤍 Not Favorite, But Still Sweet Lens: 🤍 Our Widest Lens: 🤍 Our Go-To Tight Lens: 🤍 Our Stabilizer: 🤍 Our Video Light: 🤍 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 #film #photography 0:00 Intro 1:00 Point and Shoot 3:35 SLRs 5:55 Honorable Mentions 6:08 Medium Format 9:07 Sponsor Time 10:11 Outro

A Beginner Guide for 35mm Film Photography.


Today I want to give you a beginner guide for 35mm film photography. I‘m going to cover everything from choosing the right camera, loading your roll of film and shooting. I hope this video can help you start with this amazing way of practicing photography. Chapters: 00:00 - 00:27 - Introduction 00:27 - 01:07 - How does film photography work? 01:07 - 03:57 - Which camera to choose 03:57 - 04:56 - Where to buy cameras 04:56 - 06:33 - Understanding your camera 06:33 - 07:53 - Which film to choose 07:53 - 10:32 - Loading your film 10:32 - 13:12 - Shooting & Exposing 13:12 - 14:32 - Getting your film developed 14:32 - 15:07 - The end Music used in this video: - Far Away Feelings - Jamie Rutherford - La Parisien - Jakub Pietras - Passionate Choices - Mansij - Releaved - Meod - Slow Evening - Kitrano - Some Notes - Tomer Baruch - Sunset Views - Warmkeys. - The Girl With The Cat - Tomer Baruch All music from Artlist - if you want to get two extra months for free when signing up, you can use my referral link, which will also support me: 🤍 Links to my Gear (USA) My main video camera and digital photography camera - Sony A7iii - 🤍 The two lenses for the camera: - Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 - 🤍 - Samyang 14mm f/2.8 - 🤍 My secondary digital camera for casual photography: - Lumix GX80 - 🤍 The two lenses I use with it: - Panasonic 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 - 🤍 - Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 - 🤍 Other gear I use to make my videos: - GoPro Hero8 - 🤍 - Microphone - 🤍 - Softbox Lights - 🤍 - Camera Rain Protector - 🤍 - Camera bag - 🤍 - SD-Cards - 🤍 - Micro SD-Card (for GoPro) - 🤍 - Hard-Drives - 🤍 - Mouse (yes, someone asked this) - 🤍 (all links are Amazon-Affiliate links) For my German friends, here are the links for .de My main video camera and digital photography camera - Sony A7iii - 🤍 The two lenses for the camera: - Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 - 🤍 - Samyang 14mm f/2.8 - 🤍 My secondary digital camera for casual photography: - Lumix GX80 - 🤍 The two lenses I use with it: - Panasonic 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 - 🤍 - Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 - 🤍 Other gear I use to make my videos: - GoPro Hero8 - 🤍 - Microphone - 🤍 - Softbox Lights - 🤍 - Camera Rain Protector - 🤍 - Camera bag - 🤍 - SD-Cards - 🤍 - Micro SD-Card (for GoPro) - 🤍 - Hard-Drives - 🤍 - Mouse (yes, someone asked this) - 🤍 (all links are Amazon-Affiliate links) Instagram: 🤍 Contact: teocrawford2000🤍gmail.com

How to Shoot on 35mm Film Cameras


Click my link to get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE! 🤍 /// My Instagram: 🤍 /// The 35mm Films I Shoot: Portra 400: 🤍 Ektachrome 100: 🤍 /// MUSIC: The music in this video was all sourced from Musicbed - Get a free trial of the best music for your videos: 🤍

How to Find 35mm SLR Film Cameras for Under 100$ / €


Connor & Nico talk about how to find cheap 35mm SLRs and put together some sample kits. These cameras can take photos just as well as popular models, but are much easier for newcomers to find and appreciate! Text Version: 🤍 5 Levels of Shutter Speed Testing: 🤍 Does a Dirty Lens Affect Image Quality?: 🤍 System Videos: 🤍 Cold Weather Myths: 🤍 Time Codes: 00:00 - Introduction 00:30 - Why Cheap SLRs? 01:35 - What is an SLR? 02:26 - Where to Find Film Cameras? 02:50 - Issues with Buying Cameras 05:25 - Cheap SLRs from Kamerastore 06:50 - Third Party Cameras - Overview 07:35 - Chinon CP-7m 08:30 - "Dead" Brands 09:30 - Vivitar XV-1 10:25 - Is All-Manual Best? 11:15 - Small Manufacturers - Overview 12:15 - Konica Autoreflex TC 12:44 - Spending a Bit More 13:05 - Cheap Gear Defects 13:55 - Yashica FR II 15:10 - Aesthetics 16:18 - Autofocus Cameras - Overview 19:28 - Minolta Dynax 505si 20:00 - Nikon F55 20:54 - Film Moving Inside! 21:25 - Autofocus Advantages 22:45 - Pentax SF-10 24:12 - Electronic vs. Manual Cameras 26:35 - Tips on Hunting for Deals 28:55 - Non-Beginner Advice 29:58 - Final Thoughts 30:45 - Buying from Kamerastore

Loading 35mm Film - SLR & Point and Shoot Cameras


As soon as you've got your roll of 35mm the first step is of course loading up your camera so you can get ready to shoot! Let's check out how to load both a 35mm SLR and a 35mm Point and Shoot camera so that you can be confident that you're capturing all those precious shots perfectly! - - - For New Analog Content Every Week - - - SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL 🔔 ➡️ 🤍 - - - SUPPORT ANALOG RESURGENCE - - - 🤍 - - - Follow Me on Instagram & Twitter - - - 🤍 🤍

NIKON FM - My FAVORITE 35mm SLR film camera


If you need a solid 35mm film camera that will last you a life time, with beautiful aesthetics, clean and minimalist looking, with manual controls, fully mechanical, so you will never need a battery to operate it, very reliable and with great results, then please watch this video for a closer look at NIKON FM my FAVORITE 35mm so far. I also shows you some results and my personal thoughts about it. Feel inspired by this video and want to learn more about photography, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you! My Film Camera Store: 🤍 My Photo Gear: Canon Eos R: 🤍 Canon 5D Mark III: 🤍 Canon Eos M: 🤍 Canon 35mm 1.4: 🤍 Canon 50mm 1.4: 🤍 Canon 85mm 1.8: 🤍 Canon 100mm macro 2.8: 🤍 7artisans 35mm 1.2: 🤍 Godox TT600: 🤍 Rode mic: 🤍 Zoom H1n: 🤍 Soundcraft Notepad-8FX: 🤍 Zoom ZDM-1: 🤍 Manfroto pro fluid head: 🤍 Zhuyin Crane: 🤍 Please Checkout my: Websites: 🤍 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

35mm SLR of the future revealed


The electronics of cameras manufactured over thirty years ago are now failing at an increasing rate. Assuming a continuing interest in film photography, what will we be shooting in ten years? UPDATE 3/3/20: I ran across the webpage linked below the other day, which sets forth a thoughtful and articulate defense of the reliability of electronic cameras. I am aware that others disagree with my position on this matter and the other side deserves a fair hearing. I do note, however, that the author mentions mechanical leaf shutters and traditional horizontally-traveling cloth or titanium shutters, but not my personal favorite the Copal Square. Moreover, it's not clear to me that the author is addressing reliability over three or four decades. 🤍 See all my videos ad-free on Odysee: 🤍 If you find the video informative, please see my self-published e-book "Nikon Film Cameras, Which one is right for you" available on Amazon. It's three dollars worth of knowledge, guaranteed. 🤍 Awesome classic analog merch available here: 🤍 #35mm #SLR #film

Unloading a 35mm SLR


I show how to unload film from a Nikon FM2 35mm SLR. This same procedure will apply to many similar models of film SLR cameras.

Leicaflex SL 35mm SLR Film Camera Review / Overview


A look at the Leicaflex SL, introduced in 1968. The SL2 was produced from 1974-76, not from 1976 as mentioned in the video!

This camera will save you TONS of film


For todays video I borrowed an Olympus Pen F 35mm Film camera to take out for a test Thanks Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to 🤍 for a free 14 day trial and use code WILLEM for 10% off your first purchase /// Follow Willem: 🤍 /// My Bag Company: LongWeekend Website: 🤍 LongWeekend Instagram: 🤍 /// Gear I use: Fujifilm GFX100S: 🤍 Fotodiox Adapter: 🤍 Point and shoot wrist strap: 🤍 Video Camera Used: 🤍 Video Lens Used: 🤍 Sekonic Light Meter: 🤍 Portra 400: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 My Bag: 🤍 /// MUSIC: The music in this video was all sourced from Musicbed - Get a free trial of the best music for your videos: 🤍

Buy a 35mm SLR Camera Challenge (unboxing)


Buy a 35mm SLR Camera Challenge Once again, I've been set a challenge by my friend Mark. He keep coming up with them! 🤍Drive Laughing Buy an SLR 35mm film camera for £20 or less. Can it be done. In this video I seek and find one. It arrives and I unbox it on film! #35mm #slrcamera #vintagecameras 0:00 Intro 0:23 Mark sets another challenge 2:00 Mark's Video 5:17 Sourcing a camera (eBay to the rescue) 7:21 Unboxing the Nikon F60 9:10 Charlie the cat joins in 12:13 Outro

Film vs. Digital: Comparing Medium Format, 35mm, and Mirrorless | Photography Tips


🤍 — For a more on comparing film versus digital and other photography tips, head on over to the blog! Make money from your photos/videos - 🤍 FOLLOW SHUTTERSTOCK: Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Shutterstock Blog - 🤍 TOOLS: Shutterstock Image Resizer: 🤍 Shutterstock File Converter: 🤍 #film #digital #camera

Nikon EM SLR 35mm Film Camera Tutorial | Forward Cameras Vintage Film Camera Channel


Tutorial video for using a Nikon EM Film Camera 35mm camera circa 1979. Forward Cameras Film Camera Channel - Also Vintage Film Camera Online Shop “Capture the moment with a piece from the past.” Forward Cameras is a unique company specializing in supplying our customers with the very best in vintage film cameras and antique photographic equipment. We aim to provide you with the opportunity to capture life’s moments with historic cameras that have witnessed the past. We also have this amazing YouTube channel to provide our viewers with high-quality tutorials, tips, and tricks for using analog film cameras. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Check out our website: 🤍forwardcameras.com Check out our online shop for vintage cameras: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍forwardcameras Follow us on Twitter: 🤍ForwardCameras Follow us on Facebook: Forward Cameras

How to use a 35mm film SLR camera


A step-by-step instructional guide in how to shoot in a semi-automatic mode with the Olympus OM-20. Includes an overview in the use of aperture and manual focusing. Similar process to the Olympus OM-1, OM-2, OM-10, OM-4, OM-40 etc.

New Leica M6 film photography. Camera review and story by photographer Thorsten Overgaard


Free eBook: 🤍 - Or use the code "50" on checkout from 🤍 Article on the Leica M6 by Thorsten Overgaard: "The Best 35mm Film Camera Ever Made" 🤍 Buy products mentioned in the video: Buy the "Film is Not Dead" eBook by Thorsten Overgaard here: 🤍 Buy the Q-STRAP designed by Thorsten Overgaard here: 🤍 Buy Capture One FILM STYLES by Thorsten Overgaard here: 🤍 FREE Leica Styles/Presets for Capture One and Lightroom: 🤍 To get them for free, use code: "LEICAOVERGAARD" for Lightroom presets and use code "LEICASTYLES" for Capture One Styles - then they are entirely free and you saved $48.00) Books by Thorsten Overgaard 🤍 OVERGAARD LEICA WORKSHOPS Check out the Thorsten Overgaard Workshops for Leica photographers and digital photographers in Atlanta, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Havana, Paris, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Iceland, Miami, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne and many other places: 🤍 Leica Camera Reviews and Leica Lens Reviews by photographer Thorsten Overgaard: 🤍 Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography and as an educator. You are always welcome to send an e-mail to Thorsten for questions, suggestions and ideas. Thorsten Overgaard is an independent writer and photographer who write, teach workshops and publish user reports about the equipment he uses. There is no affiliation with Leica Camera AG or any camera dealers, no free gifts, no sponsorship, no kickback and no paid content. All you see is real and based on the life of an eccentric and hard-working photographer who makes his own money, buys his own equipment and form his own independent opinions - and shares with you. Enjoy the ride. Video Credits: Produced by: Thorsten Overgaard (🤍overgaard.dk) Equipment: This video was made with the Leica SL 🤍 and Leica 35mm Summilux-L ASPH f/1.4 🤍 , using Sennheiser wireless microphones 🤍 . Leica SL2 as second camera. Job 2180-1222 #LeicaM6 #review #blackandwhite

35mm Film Street Photography (Pentax SV SLR + Kodak Gold 200)


#streetphotography #filmphotography #pentax Peace, friends! Question of the Day: WHAT'S YOUR GO-TO 35mm SLR/LENS COMBO FOR STREET? Today, I'm back on these streets making film images so, I'm hype to share, my latest video with you. I recently picked up the Pentax SV 35mm SLR. What a lovely camera. From the all-black camera body to the beautiful, Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lens it came with (I also picked up the 28mm f/3.5 and love that lens as well!) I initially wanted a 35mm SLR to make portraits and that's still the case, I have a few portrait shoots upcoming so hold tight! Once I picked up the 28mm f/3.5 lens I realized I now have the option to do both street and portrait. Bring on the challenges! In terms of film stock, Kodak Gold 200. This film stock has been a workhorse for me, very reliable, and makes sense economically. I struggled a bit with framing when using the 55mm for street as it is a lot tighter than the 28mm (obvi) but I did manage a couple of solid images. Overall, this 50+ year old SLR works like a charm. The Super Takumar lenses are sharp and the colour-way is perfect! Today was a good day. This is Streetsoul. Scroll through the TIMESTAMPS to watch your favourite parts of the video: 0:00​​ Intro 0:13 PENTAX SV 1:28 Why Shoot 35mm SLR? 1:47 Kodak Gold 200 2:08 Sunny16 / Keep Notes 2:49 Editing My Film Scans 3:36 LIGHTROOM Editing 5:55​ What's Your SLR/Lens Combo? 6:06 Outro w: 🤍 🤍 The music I use throughout all my videos provided by: 🤍

Loading a manual 35mm SLR.


Jim Maginn The Zen of Photography 2 Loading a manual 35mm SLR

RANGEFINDER OR SLR | which is right for you??


If you’re looking to get started with shooting film, you might be seeing a lot of terminology that you’re not familiar with. The debate of SLR vs RANGEFINDERS is pretty common in film photography, so hopefully this video will clear some of that up for you. ❤️ FAVORITE B/W FILM: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍

How to Use Film from Disposable Camera in 35mm SLR or Rangefinder


To find out how to Retrieve the Film leader go check out my other video at: 🤍 Don't forget to like, Favorite, and Subscribe! You can pick up expired disposable cameras for next to nothing at thrift stores if you keep your eye out. If you'd like to shoot that film, but rather use it in your vintage 35mm SLR instead of in the disposable camera this is the tutorial for you! Music: Tobu - Candyland - NCS Release 🤍 Tobu ➞ SoundCloud 🤍 ➞ Facebook 🤍 ➞ Twitter 🤍 ➞ Spotify 🤍

Olympus OM40 - My Favourite 35mm SLR


fun fact: none of the photos in this video were shot on portra Instagram: 🤍 Video shot on Fujifilm X-H1

How to: Star Trails Photography with a 35mm FILM SLR


This video shows you the basic steps to set up a 35mm film SLR for taking a star trails photograph. The end of the video shows some star trails images I've taken with this technique. To check out my photography blog, follow this link: 🤍

Canon EOS 100, autofocus 35mm SLR, loading with expired Colorama 200


Introduction to the camera and it's functions, overview and loading with film




Discussing Beginner 35mm SLR Cameras


Consumer Corner is a new series of sorts where I'll be discussing various topics from film stocks, camera prices and much more in as unbiased and as pointed a way as possibly. No promises on the bias and there is likely to be plenty of rambling. Nevertheless we discuss here the line up for potential beginner 35mm cameras, these are in my experience easy to use, offer a lot of features and are light on the bank account. Featured are: Canon AE-1, Canon A-1, Canon AE-1 Program, Pentax K1000, Pentax ME Super, Pentax MX, Minolta SRT201, Olympus OM-1, Canon Rebel G, Nikon N75, Pentax Spotmatic F, Fujica ST605n and maybe another. Walkthrough videos- AE-1 : 🤍 A-1: 🤍 AE-1 Program: 🤍 K1000: 🤍 ME Super: 🤍 MX : 🤍 SRT 201: 🤍 Email for questions, comments or concerns: rompingbroncorepairs🤍gmail.com Website for more info: 🤍rompingbroncorepairs.com Instagram: 🤍rompingbronco 🤍rompingbroncorepairs Intro 0:00 Canon FD 0:47 Canon Recommendations 6:50 FD Lens 7:00 Digital 35mm SLR 8:42 Pentax 14:08 3rd Party M42 17:46 Pentax ME Super 20:11 Pentax MX 21:00 Olympus OM-1 22:13 Minolta SRT 23:46 Consensus 26:03

How to Load 35mm Film in a Minolta SRT Super 303 SLR


A short clip/tutorial of me filling a Minolta SRT Super with some Fujifilm

35mm SLR Comparison - Retro Camera Review - Ep. 2


🤍 What is the differences, pros and cons between a modern 35mm camera body vs. an older metal one? For the full review visit: 🤍Retrocamerareview.blogspot.com

Take Double Exposures With a 35mm Film SLR (How To)


🤍 Buy Cheap 35mm Film Here: 🤍 Social: Instagram - 🤍 Depop: 🤍AwesomeCameras Website: 🤍awesomecameras.com Similar Cameras: Minolta XG-1: 🤍 Canon AE-1: 🤍 Pentax K-1000: 🤍 Pentax ME Super: 🤍 This video shows an easy way to take a Double Exposure photograph with most manual winding Film SLRs. For more techniques and Awesome Cameras, check out my other videos, or my blog 🤍awesomecameras.com

How to load 35mm film into an SLR camera


A short and simple tutorial showing you how to load film into a 35mm SLR camera for beginners. Camera tips for beginners : 🤍 This video was recorded with the following gear CAMERA : 🤍 TRIPOD : BeFree (ball head) tripod : 🤍 TRIPOD : BeFree (fluid video head) : 🤍 50mm LENS : 🤍 MICROPHONE : 🤍 Please follow Photo Genius 🤍 🤍 🤍 For more info on our photography courses and workshops 🤍 Please consider subscribing to our channel for weekly photography tutorials and tips and reviews. We participate on the Amazon affiliates program - this helps provide us with the necessary funds required to produce video content by earning a commission on sales.

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