Asking commercial gym goers how much they think I can squat

Russel Orhii

Russel Orhii

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Asking commercial gym goers how much they think I can squat
Asking commercial gym goers how much they think I can squat
Asking commercial gym goers how much they think I can squat
Asking commercial gym goers how much they think I can squat
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Brad J
2023-04-22 12:59:40

Russel we know you're strong as fuck bro, but when you said damn to that 445 guess it crushed my soul because that was mine at the time of this video 😂 goin for 500 soon, you're the best

2023-01-16 07:00:03

I can’t even squat half of that.

YuNg BrAtZ
2022-12-22 00:24:08

“The whole fucking rack man honestly” 😭😭😭

2022-12-21 17:41:42

Anyone who knows what model those black nikes are?

2022-12-08 11:25:35

Max out in planet fitness and see if you get kicked

2022-10-23 09:01:16

These are cool. I found you on Will T

2022-07-10 17:30:18

Those legs r fukn trees bro!! Even those calves are swole! Keep grinding bro! Love the vids!

Boyce Way
2022-07-08 18:45:06

I have to say the best commercial gym by far is Anytime Fitness. They never have the problems you mention in your videos (no clips, non-adjustable power racks, etc). #notanad I'm just realizing how lucky I am to go to such a great "commercial" gym.

2022-07-02 21:58:12

I can bench that

2022-06-30 14:05:20

hmm ima guess 345 id say

2022-06-20 03:27:25

What’s the song he played and the song in the background when he does his outdo??

Reece Engineering
2022-05-16 22:19:48

This is a good concept for a video, but what could make it better is showing the peoples reaction to how (easily) you lift the amount they stated and then go higher.

Sir Miles
2022-05-03 03:07:24

You need to start taking your own collars with you. that 725 Squat was touch and go on the rack in the other video!

Victor Flamenco
2022-05-01 19:35:36

song name?

Rick Lecoach
2022-04-27 22:49:23

Stronger then klokov or Dubraev or Miirotosan ????
Would love to see that challenge against them in the same gym with the same plates

Mark Bales
2022-04-20 22:57:07

bro whoever thinks rus can only squat 4 plates, yikes man, yikes

2022-04-18 17:47:46

What’s the song at @ ZO81mLUkvzc&t=2m30s 2:30 🔥

Albert Ramsey
2022-04-17 06:28:55

Love the couple who said we know you

Francis Bryan Ramirez
2022-04-11 20:11:49


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